Taekwondo is so Family Friendly…

You Can Get the Whole Family Involved!

Our Taekwondo family!

That’s what we did!


Song’s Taekwondo is a family owned and operated business – with over 75% of our staff and team being related! So obviously, involving the whole family is important to us; we would love to help you involve yours!


We offer classes for both adults and children, and with the variety of classes we offer, there is sure to be one to fit your schedule. Check out the schedule for each location here.


Not only is taekwondo fun for any age, but it has benefits for every age and fitness level that reach far beyond learning self-defense. Our taekwondo classes exercise both your body and your mind, and the best part is…you have so much fun participating that you forget it’s a great form of exercise!


Our goal is to create a safe, family-friendly learning environment where you can feel confident and secure about bringing your loved ones. (Young or old!) We even have a special Family Discount to enable you to affordably include the whole family.


Please come see us and let our family see what we can do to benefit yours!