I believe in the value for children of Tae Kwon Do study with Master Song Brown. I have myself taught Tae Kwon Do as an instructor of students from age 4 years and up. My husband, my daughter and I all personally studied Tae Kwon Do with Song Brown and Kyle Kruck, so I can tell you of our experience. I am also a teacher of third grade children. From my perspective and experiences, Tae Kwon Do has appeared very beneficial to children, and I am very happy with what I have seen of the ways by which Song Brown and Kyle Kruck guide and teach children.

Please understand that I offer only my opinion and have never asked any school or school systems to evaluate or offer their opinion or approval. That said, I recommend the study of Tae kwon Do to any parent as beneficial to their child’s development. I believe this study is specifically beneficial to young boys who jump out of their seats; young girls on their way to being unhappy with their self-image; and to almost any teen or child who might seem unable to find a place for themselves, such as overweight or handicapped youth.

I also recommend study with Song Brown and Kyle Kruck because I have both studied and taught in their school with them. I know it to be a kind and nurturing school for families and children.

There are many benefits, but I would offer one example. While Tae Kwon Do is often a hard aerobic exercise, I think a more powerful benefit to children is that it seems to work well in developing self-confidence. I see this commonly resulting in a more level-headed young person. On a personal note, my husband and I long ago feared that our daughter (then 15 years old) would be a victim of the short –shirt skinny image pressure on girls back in the late 1990s. Tae Kwon Do study with Mr. Brown and Mr. Kruck caused her to practice feeling confidence and more control. How many teen girls do you suppose would weekly spar with younger students to be cared for and older students to be vigilantly opposed; all in a safe watched environment? It was obvious to us that the social pressures of school were far easier to bear with the confidence she gained. So I recommend Tae Kwon Do training to any parent for their children. Personally, I think it is best if you also join the sport and take the classes with your child.

Jama L. M. C.